Does this jewelry have nickel in it?

Nope! I only use precious metals, sourced from the most trusted supplier in the United States. Sterling, fine & sometimes Argentium Silver or Gold. It will be clear in the product's description.


What is Argentium?

So you are probably familiar with Sterling Silver (.925) and Fine Silver (.999). Well, Sterling Silver is marked 925 because it is 92.5% fine silver alloyed with copper. Argentium (.935) has a bit more fine silver, between 93.5-96.5% fine silver alloyed with Germanium. I don't work with Argentium very much because unlike working with Sterling --you don't solder, but fuse it. You also can't quench it and I really enjoy that satisfying sizzle. Plus, you would need to keep All of your materials separate, which could become quite confusing. I will say though, Argentium doesn't tarnish like sterling which makes it a great option.

Fun Fact: Argentium was invented the same year little baby me arrived Earth side. ;P


Where can I see your work in person?

Well, if you are in or around the Asheville, NC area, my work is represented at Ignite Jewelry Studios (River Arts District), Fox & Beaux Jewelry (Downtown Asheville) & The Jeweler's Workbench (Downtown Waynesville.)