Ode To Venus Set
Ode To Venus Set
Ode To Venus Set
Ode To Venus Set
Ode To Venus Set

Ode To Venus Set

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Onyx, teal moss kyanite, and sterling silver. Fabricated by hand in Asheville, NC.

This set is inspired by Venus, goddess of love and beauty. The teal moss kyanite reminds me of the water as she rises from the sea. In folklore, Cupid clipped her finger nails and using his 🏹, he shot them all over in hopes that a part of her would live on forever. They landed in oceans and near river beds, later becoming onyx.


Element - Earth
Astrological - Leo, Capricorn & Taurus
Planet - Mars & Saturn


Teal Moss Kyanite

Element - Water
Astrological - Taurus, Aries, Pisces, and Libra
Planet - Jupiter

✶ Please be aware of shop policies before Purchase ✶

✶Please be mindful of the delicate nature of handmade jewelry. Avoid wearing in water or during strenuous activities. Things like swimming, working out, bathing, washing hands, applying makeup, oils, or lotion could cause physical damage as well as stain the stone and/or shorten the life of the patina.

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